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>I have the same feeling in general. Unless it is clearly a school in rough neighborhood there should not be a big deal when talking about elementary school as such. To be honest, from where I am from, there are no ratings on elementary schools. As essentially there are maybe 4-5 basic things that each school can teach you and as a parent you are able to course correct.
Yes, magnet is what we will try, just because everybody talks about them. But it maybe that we will find apartment in Harbor Point as I like the area a lot based feedback and internet and I don't think that area is within magnet school district.


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we go for renting... with zero credit history and no knowledge of local market whatsoever I would be worried to go for straight buying.
Thank you for Glennbrook location, will have a look. I assume there is some convenient train connection to Stamford main station where I can change for the train to NYC, right?

We will have a car for sure, but just one, so don't want to take it for whole day from my wife just to park it in front of Stamford train station. Thus looking for something doable for commute where I can avoid using car and still get to NYC.


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This is what we noticed too... any opinion why that is? From where I am coming from the bigger towns have usually better schools as they have more choices for teachers.

Also, magnet is what we are looking for too- Hart magnet school or Strawberry magnet school is what were discussing as potential choices.


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Thank you u/DLFiii
How big are the apartments in your building so I can just make some compare to places I lived before or living right now. And also, based on that range do you happen to have personal range for the households income per year? to make it easier- in gross value so before any taxation. Like is decent life starting somewhere at 180k a year. Or 200k a year?