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real talk, our society isn't in a position to give that kind of ultimatum.

we can't make teaching an underpaid bureaucratic nightmare and then turn around and tell teachers "if you don't like it then leave". that's absurd.

classroom distractions aren't new. first it was magazines and baseball cards, then it was handhelds like tiger games and gameboys, now it's cellphones.

just because the world changes doesn't mean that classroom distractions should be back on the menu.

unless phones are integrated into the curriculum they don't need this weird rabid insistence that they be allowed in the classroom.

some mombie wanting to text her son 50 times during the school day is not a good enough reason to have a whole class subjected to the buzzing and beeping of 25 other students' non-school-related communication.


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>(certain council members)

why not name them? why treat them like some scary boogeymen whose names are never to be mentioned?

these are people driving local policy. if you believe that "certain members" are stifling progress in lieu of profit, call them out, please.

we should be having a conversation about it, not playing guessing games on reddit.


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fucking transplants.

the city is attracting more people from more places and these people do not understand basic shit about how to get around here.

never in my 25 years of driving in this city have i seen so many people baffled by the rotary. stopping in the middle to be "nice"?? these clowns did not learn how to drive here and you can't convince me they did. coming to a stop before entering when there's no one in the rotary? transplants.

lots of people clearly unsure of what to do. driving 15 under the limit and slamming on breaks to make a lane change. stopping at yield signs. refusing to turn right on red. transplants.

it's even evident in this sub, where just a few weeks ago i was downvoted for pointing out that no, you do not go 7 mph up a hill in a snowstorm. you gonna tell me that someone local would seriously advocate for snow tires over knowing how to drive? transplant shit.

the answer is fucking transplants who can't hang and a few dumb as fuck locals. this is a new (past 15 years or so) problem.


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is this the same building that used to have the old beer ad painted in the lower left? i could've sworn it was the palladium.

i haven't been in that parking lot in years. did they paint the whole wall brown or is that the natural brick? i wish they would have kept the beer ad. i feel like i'm going senile looking at how it looks now.


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the funny thing is that brattle stop is mentioned here all the time, and my suggestions are just as broken record as the rest of them, even if i don't mention them as frequently, because again, this is old. I've been on this sub 10 years and it's the same shit over and over.

here are some current good ones that rarely get mentioned.

ironically peruchos closed haha.

pomodoros on lincoln is good but sometimes goes too heavy on the cheese for me.

all systems go on shrewsbury st does a very decent thin style brick oven pie with nice pep cups. there's not much to the pizzas, though but they are well priced.

my vote for best bar pizza goes to brew city.

i haven't found any decent detroit style in the city but detroit pizza works in northboro is owned by unos and is unfortunately the only detroit pie i can get delivered. it's decent enough to satisfy a basic craving for detroit style.

dinos used to have good pizza but not so much nowadays. same with ciao bella.

for 7 am pizza for the night shift family table is where to go. can get decent burgers and steak and cheese, also, but these shine best before the competition opens if you know what i mean. still a lot better than the shitty dime a dozen greek style pizzarias all serving identical tasting menus.

i was thrilled to see auntie dots for once. place looks closed down but if you get there when they're open it's just like nani's. sicilian style.

that's just for starters.


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no one even mentions any places except places that got popular from some blog. same with burgers.

this sub would shut down if for a week it was banned to talk about 15 particular restaurants because i swear no one would know what other pizza or burger to discuss.

then they'll act like worcester has no good x or y food. it has big "america has bad beer" like euros cry because they only know 5 popular american beers.

it's beyond old now. it's got big transplant vibes because the restaurants are always less than 10 years old and gone before anyone has a chance to give a shit.


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considering the ban doesn't go into effect until midnight, and the fact that enforcement has been non-existent this year, i doubt they'll be towing cars overnight.

i would chance it tbh. i doubt any useless clowns will be doing jack with cars or plowing.

edit: to my absolute shock a cruiser actually just did a warning pass thru with the whoop whoops, so i guess they will be towing after all. best to order a tow to somewhere safe. i hope it all works out.

second edit: the parade of towtrucks dragging cars has commenced. i know that these fees are generally uncontestable but fuck the dpw and the cops for their irregular enforcement. a lot of these people probably don't realize they will be towed because this is the literal first time this dysfunctional city has towed on this street all fucking season. i would fight it just for the fuck of it and explain that i didn't realize that anyone in this city actually did anything when it snows.


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that's because idiots propose solutions that are tailored for other cities instead of the city they actually live in.

the amount of people saying "well it works in other cities" is all you need to understand why none of the solutions work.

my favorite example is the "bins with lids" chorus who, now that they have egg on their face are going on about wheelie bins being picked up by electronic arms because "that's what other cities do". that idea will. never. work here.

when i point out how fucking stupid the suggestions are i get called a big ol meanie negative nancy.

too many people simply live in a gd fantasy and think stupid ideas are better than realistic ideas.


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you've found them helpful? i find them to be condescending and patronizing, and often just plain wrong. there's one in particular named john that i straight up hang up on if he answers.

I've been dealing with the city's "customer service" for over 25 years for various issues and i am so grateful for the online form. it doesn't get any better results but at least i don't have to listen to some little puke repeat "i'm sorry for the inconvenience" over and over when i'm asking a question. and the online form doesn't direct me to 5 different departments that have nothing to do with my issue.


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this season's storm response is one of the worst i can remember just due to how fucking little weather we've had and this pathetic dpw can't seem to get anything done.

no pretreat, no salt/sand, no neighbors are ripshit about having to move their cars for nothing.

i guess it doesn't matter that they're not enforcing the parking ban if they can't be fucked to plow anything.

i do feel bad for any newcomers to the city if during the next storm the city suddenly decides to follow their own gd rules and people get towed for the first time even though its like the 4th snow event.


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found the chucklefuck going 5mph up hills in the storm so everyone behind him gets stuck.

knowing how to drive and not drive is going to get you a whole lot further than snow tires.

people who don't know how to drive in the snow will not be saved by special tires. they're not magic. you still need to know wtf you're doing.


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there is great comedy in the image of anyone attempting to police a border that long. even if they were a functioning country with quadruple the wealth they still wouldn't come close.