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My view of the future from when I was a kid/teen didn't pan out, so this is already the case for me. For example: All of the cool things we see in sci-fi movies where people live in futuristic homes and cities in reality only the rich can afford these. The rest of us have to stick to crumbling old housing stock. Or maybe I didn't realize that all of these scifi movies only showed the rich and not the poor. I also think the wealth gap will continue to widen.


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  1. Homeless population will continue to grow
  2. NYC population will reach 9 million by 2040
  3. Housing costs will continue to increase but at a slower rate. With sporadic declines during economic downturns. (I.e. pandemics, recession)
  4. NYC crime rate will continue to rank low relative to other US cities.
  5. Longterm Crime rates will continue to decline over a 10 y period. Never reaching 90s level crime. As Millennials and Gen Zs age out of prime years the next generations will be less prone to crime due to improved education, and resources. This has been the trend since baby boomers aging out we've seen crime continue to plummet in the grand scheme.