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I like the analogy.

For all we know, our current state of brain analysis is a blind person sitting in a house, trying to figure out if it will rain tomorrow.

The task seems impossible, though an astute individual could possibly make some accurate prediction based on information that seems invisible to most. However impressive this skill, it would be nothing compared to modern meteorology and its vast array of thermometers, barometers, radars, satellites and dozens of other measuring tools. A few hundred years ago it would have been sorcery.


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That reads more like a demonstration of supposed randomness to me.

I think that-given enough raw data and the power to sort and process it-even that animal, number, time etc. might turn out to be not so random.


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Not very handy in the case of a stolen purse or a break-in if your phone is also gone.

Hopefully your app is already set up and doesn't require access to the key to do so. It also doesn't account for dead a dead phone, dead car battery, or no cell service.

My method is free or inexpensive and works without any outside tools or assistance. It's so much more adaptable and foolproof that it's a no brainer for me.


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Here's the real LPT: copy your key today and use a piece of wire to attach it under the vehicle, or somewhere inconspicuous.

If it's a newer vehicle, you'll also need hide your spare fob somewhere in the vehicle with it turned of or with the battery removed.

If you don't have a spare, it's far less expensive to buy one online and program it yourself or call around and have a local locksmith do it in their shop.

You never know when or where you could be locked out. Don't assume roadside or AAA is nearby or that you will have a working cellphone/service. It could be the difference between making it to work, an important event, or saving yourself and passengers from exposure to inclement weather.

Spending $50-$75 today could turn out to be exceptionally beneficial, and it will only make your car more valuable should you decide to sell it.


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These are less psych than Tame Impala but they would fit nicely in the same playlist. And Weval is excellent, I always recommend them. Definitely one of my favorite artists I've found in the last few years. I tried to do quick sample across their catalog, these aren't even necessarily my favorites. You won't find a bad track, I promise. Hope you enjoy!

The Weight


Silence on the Wall

Should Be Fine



Never Stay For Love

Changed for the Better