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There’s also a candy store at the Branson Landing called “Northwoods Candy Emporium”. It’s on the side nearest to bass pro. They have an entire wall and cooler dedicated to this type of soda.


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Hahah. “Finger farting” as we like to call it. One time we ordered like, 20 cases of this teriyaki flavored tofu. They actually sent us that many. (A lot of times, they will send us way less if we do accidentally order a ridiculous amount) so it was deep discounted for about a month. We managed to sell it all, though!


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Yup. As somebody that works in a grocery store, it’s been known for somebody to try to order 2 cases of something (for example) but accidentally typed “22” in the form. Could have been distro from the company, too, when we have sale events our distributors will send us loads of stuff we didn’t even order because it is about to go on sale. Lots of possibilities. Over ordering is wayyyyyyy more common than people would think.


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Have you ever heard of ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder)? Mine presents a bit differently, I have a mental list of “safe foods” and textures and the idea of deviation from that makes me anxious. It’s not as commonly talked about as other EDs, but finding out about it really helped me. r/ARFID is a wonderful community, you may relate to some of the experiences there.


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If you like french onion dip, you should try the Kalona supernaturals one at Natural Grocers. Only place in town that sells it and it is INCREDIBLE. No joke, there are at least 3-5 open containers in the employee fridge at all time. Kinda random but I’ve been telling everybody about it LOL.


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I’m an NG employee and I also miss Lucky’s. They were so cool, I remember their ramen/sushi bar so distinctly. Unfortunately, Kroger (who own’s Lucky’s) shut down basically all of their stores save for a couple in Florida IIRC. NG doesn’t have that type of stuff, but we sell exclusively organic produce and some really good stuff at great prices. I hear a lot of complaints about prices being high, yet most products we sell are more pricey at Walmart. I genuinely respect where I work for making prices not super unreasonable for the average joe, especially being a health food store. There’s a natural grocers store brand that is tbh awesome and really cheap.


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Yup. Happened about a week to two weeks ago I think? I work at Natty G, so I look at this place daily. Kind of sad. It’s a beautiful building and their interior was cute. I hope another local business takes it over soon.


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I just drove from Primrose to south Campbell and it was pretty slick. (I work right next to target, so I decided to avoid the freeway altogether and just take Primrose.) South Campbell is decent. They were plowing as I drove by. People were being douchebags, I also had a bunch of BMW drivers and pickup trucks zoom around me. Like good for you, but my little Chevy Cruze can’t do that.


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Outlawing/cracking down on backyard breeding operations would be a good start. I’m not suggesting anybody’s pet be taken from them. I’m sure there’s plenty of responsible owners with well-behaved pits; that isn’t the majority though. But the sheer amount of pit bulls in animal shelters, pit mauling articles, and people lying about having said breed on paperwork signifies that we need to stop making so many of these violent, uncontrollable dogs.


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Oh my god. Small breeds don’t maul and kill people. Pit bulls absolutely are the problem. Literally bred for game/dogfighting with such a high prey drive that blunt force and mace can’t detach its jaw. The problem is the idiot owners AND the idiot breed. These dogs are ticking time bombs.