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A big reason for Mercury’s core being so big compared to its total volume is that the outer layers of the planet have been blasted by incredibly intense heat and radiation over billions of years.

Think how long the top soil of Earth would survive temperatures that swing between 420°C to -170°C from day to night, with unimaginable radiation at all times.


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I didn’t think they were still open for bathing, I visited on a school trip and I got the impression they’re more just a museum. Cool place to visit though, Bath is a beautiful town and the ancient Roman baths are pretty interesting.

Built on top of an ancient spring used by the indigenous Celtic people before the Romans turned up.


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The main advice I’d give is if 30 mins of running is hard, start with a 25 min walk, 5 min run (try 5 mins walking, 1 minute running - repeat) and then gradually week by week increase the running periods until you can comfortably run for 30 mins.

Depending on your circumstances it might take you a couple weeks to get there, or it might take 6 months. Most important is to keep staying active.

Little known fact, walking and running the same distance burns a similar amount of calories. If you can’t run 5km, walk 5km!