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They made the decision. It could be done but you have no idea of availability on United. It's a process to get all those people rerouted.

Plane going back the next day causes a ripple effect on the schedule as well. Because normally it would go to Newark and fly back within a few short hours with ANOTHER crew. Now you need this same crew to get its mandatory rest period, you need to scramble to get them accommodations and then you fly the plane back empty later than scheduled.

Almost all of the flights in the air turned around and went back where they came from btw. Only a few continued on and those were probably already past the point of being able to return


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Landing at LAX or Houston would have it's own issues:

  1. you need to find a gate or bussing to terminal or something which is just extra stress

  2. you need to get these people onto new flights. Where are they finding those flights?

  3. need to find new accommodation for their crew

  4. the plane would usually turn around with a new crew at JFK and fly back. Now they original crew is stuck in LAX and they need their rest so the plane is delayed for even longer and could impact other flights in the system

Airlines don't really own gates. And yes, they had good operations at the origin so they went back there.


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Why is everyone twerking so hard for this station?

Both things could be true at the same time, i.e., it's probably needed but also does not save any significant commute time and was grossly over budget.

MULTIPLE sources have stated its a damn trek to get from the track level to the upper levels where you get the subway or Metro North (and this is when it's not even fully operational aka less people) and everyone just seems to want to discount it


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It's the holidays (less flights, I'm a flight nerd, I was watching the arrivals online yesterday), it's cold as fuck so people probably called out, maybe the time you came in played a part?

I've done three international arrivals at JFK this year (approximately 3pm, 1pm and 5am) and it's all gone smoothly for me.

Also, get global entry


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The Howard Beach train had delays.

Then when it came it didn't go to the terminals. We had to stop at Federal Circle and then go upstairs to the third floor to catch another train. That train was the train bound for Jamaica (per the announcements) but it was passing through the terminals first.


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Lol I went out last night and I must say, NYers are creative as fuck. I've seen so many amazing get-ups....and way too many Spidermen