maybeinoregon t1_j2bpx9b wrote

That looks delicious! We had it served like that in SF, and it just melted in your mouth like butter. That’s quite a portion on that plate…I think we shared a portion that was about 2 or maybe 3 of those strips. And it was sooooo rich, we were in a food coma Lol


maybeinoregon t1_iu2qadf wrote

BMW (bikes) includes with their fob a really thin key for this event. You place it near the radio transmitter, and you can start bike etc. They call it a wallet key, and tell you to carry it with you. I must have been (accidentally) giving the service advisor an are you fing kidding me look when he was explaining the wallet key, as he stopped short and said, yea I know, why not just use a key to begin with? Lol