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You know, I hate to be a dick, but this is literally a problem that doesn't need to be solved and I can't spend the energy to try to imagine what I would do in your situation because all I can think is I'd just be happy and appreciate getting what almost no one else in the world gets regardless of how their life turns out.


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Just be ready for your dreams to maybe not pan out exactly as you expect and for the inevitable deflation that comes after having achieved a long term goal.


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I loved the first couple hours of Borderlands and have started that game from the beginning a million times. I've never made it to the end though because the people I play with never wait for me to be able to play and they get so far ahead of me that it's not fun anymore. I got the Pre-Sequel for free with my graphics card and I hated it. I tried to like it but everything about it was terrible imo. I never made it past the opening sequence. I tried Borderlands 2 with a buddy but lost interest quickly. I felt it lacked something that I loved in Borderlands 1, but I didn't and still don't know what that was. Perhaps it's simply that nostalgia was doing it's work on the first game and not the second. I don't know. That's as far as I've gotten.

Even though I loved what I played of it, I do think it was overhyped, or maybe incorrectly hyped. The thing that was forefront in the lead up to the game was the idea that there was some kind of AI system that allowed them to have near limitless weapons. But that was a bit of crafty language because there were only a handful of weapons really. It's just each weapon have hundreds of variants with different stats. And that was really disappointing to me. I had been expecting the game to create crazy weapons that would keep the game feeling fresh the whole time, but that wasn't what I got. So, in that sense I think it was overhyped. But it was still a very good and ambitious game when it came out.