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Are you saying their pans suck but their marketing is top tier?

I have been trying to decide for years if I should pull the trigger on all clad or made in. Made in says they are just as good if not better than all clad, for half the price... the consumer reports are good... hard to trust anything these days.


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Reply to 25$ an hour by NoHairz

You could make something that takes an hour to make and pack. Then charge 25 per. You're welcome. Good luck.


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That stinks! I have never had issues with any of my Kuhl products, but to be fair they are all 10 years old. So I'm not sure maybe something has changed, just like butterfingers... used to be great, now it tastes like flattened Styrofoam and corn syrup.

As a side note they do have a warranty program as well and would almost certainly repair or replace the zipper/coat.


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These types of religious groups are terrible. Claiming the solution to mental illnesses.

Religion can be good, for some, but this is dangerous. A religion needs to understand their place is outside of medicine and science.

People need therapy and medicine to deal with illness. Then a supportive social group like a church or whatever is great, but cannot be your solution.

As far as sexual orientation... religion needs to fuck right off on that. These people are living in the God damn stone ages.

Jesus loved unconditionally. If you want to help someone, don't judge them dont try to change them. Just help them. No preaching. Just kindness.