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Just did a quick search and it does seem polyquad is a good safe preservative. What's annoying is it's in glaucoma drops outside the US, while most here use BAK. Like why can't the companies just do a quick trial using a different preservative and just reformulate it with that one change? BAK honestly should not be in any eye drops since safer and just as effective alternative preservatives exist. Even more bs is Travaton brand uses Sofvia, but the generic uses BAK. One is 300 bucks, one is 10. Such damn bs.


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Yeah. I've tried a few different brands and I settled on Bio True because it's the easiest to get out without having to squeeze squeeze. And it's also cheaper in 2 packs, and get a few recurring deliveries on Amazon. I go through about 1 a week or two. I have to take glaucoma drops for high eye pressure and those do contain BAK Gonna try to switch to a different type without BAK.


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Don't use eye drops with preservatives. Usually the preservative is BAK. Very harsh on the ocular surface. Use the preservative free individual vials, or what I use, they now have eyedrop containers that are preservative free and more cost effective. Just don't touch the tip to your eyeball and you should be good. If the drops are ever cloudy, throw em away.


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I'd go even further. Even if you can afford it, if you have a disease that is going to become progressively worse, whether it be parkinsons, dementia, extreme pain that even the strongest painkillers don't help or diminish your qualify of life. People should be allowed to die with dignity than suffer. Because just because you are alive doesn't mean you're living.

As long as safeguards are in place, that make sure you are of sound mind, understand exactly what this means, and doctors are in agreement that this is ok, not being forced to do it, I'm 100% in favor of this.


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Jesus. They're all bad but the worst one in my opinion was the officer who struck a suspect with his car. Radios in that the suspect struck his car (which should be reversed, the officer struck the suspect), bleeding from the head, and they're telling him to stop resisting, tasering him. Like wtf?


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I saw an Instagram reel where some woman was talking at maybe a city council meeting. She said she was told she had to send requests for things like the curriculum for her kids class. Mind you, this is a kindergarten class. She said they sued her and had a whole 5 hour meeting about her. This parent also said she sent 100s of requests. Not 100 (which is still batshit insane to me) but 100s. What the hell are you asking about kindergarten? And so many people defending her of course. Like no, she's not playing with a full deck and sounds like serious harassment on her part.