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The title is all the DMV cares about. As long as there are no corrections/cross outs on the title you should be fine. You don’t need to present the bill of sale at the DMV.


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Your question is confusing. Are you saying that your check engine light is not working, as in it doesn’t even turn on briefly with the rest of the lights during startup? Or are you saying that you reset the light or disconnected the battery and that made the light turn off? If there are no stored codes in the OBD computer, and the OBD is in a “system ready” state, and there is no CEL, you should pass inspection.


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Do you like beer? There are plenty of craft breweries around South Jersey, it’s fun to stop in, try a flight (sample of 4 beers in four ounce glasses), hang out for a bit.


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I was 28 when I finally moved out in 1994. I was making probably right around $30k, moved in with my girlfriend into an apartment complex in New Brunswick. I was happy to finally be out of the house I grew up in. It was a fun time despite the relationship very flawed. The commute from NB to JC sucked though…


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I’m right below you in Howell. It is really sad how much more traffic there is. For almost 20 years I could drive along the back roads and traffic was minimal. Now there are cars everywhere, and the just want to build huge warehouses all over along with the new housing developments, adding heavy truck traffic to the mix. It’s insane!


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I took my daughters one summer around 7 years ago. It was only open on weekends at the time (supposedly) and we didn’t realize and went midweek. It was still pretty cool and a little spooky walking around the property, it was mostly outdoors anyway.