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I’m wondering if you download the app will it let you see your bills? If not, call Eversource and ask for paper statements until they’re able to put your bills on the website.

Changing providers will reduce your bill a lot!!! Good move. Rates change twice a year with Eversource. January 1st and July 1st. The new supplier will be on your bill, along with the date the supplier stop providing your electricity. If by chance you don’t change suppliers before the date, call Eversource and switch back to them while you decide who to switch to next. They’ll switch you within 3 days. It’s important to know because once your low rate ends with your new supplier, it increases significantly when it expires. They will email you and send a letter before the rate expires so it’ll be hard to miss, especially with it also listed on your bill. Early cancellation fees are illegal in CT. If you see a better deal-switch again.


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Connecticut has good first home buyers programs. Several of them.

Here’s just one link of many programs…

You can google Ct first home buyer programs for more.

Also check with the USDA, for special programs in those areas. I’m not positive they give mortgages in CT.

Torrington Savings Bank has no PMI with 10% down and good credit.


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You’re welcome.

I read an article about pepper cream. It kills the nerve endings and that stops the pain. Begins with a C… OTC. It’s worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

A lot of people aren’t familiar with this, but there is Richard Simpson oil. RSO.

It can be used topically so you don’t get high off it but it is sold at the medical dispensaries. The good ones the one in Bristol did have it. I don’t know if they have to order it. If this can help you, that would be awesome. I hope you feel better :-)


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Hopefully you have car insurance? If you do, call and get Roadside Assistance added on. It’s very inexpensive and just like AAA. Could be as low as three or four dollars a month.

They won’t let you use it right away. They may make you wait 24 hours or so. It depends on the company.

Also, someone posted on the sub that they know a mechanic in Southington that will come and help you tomorrow for free.


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Pura was adamant. They will not let constellation get away with this, so contacting them is imperative. To get the lower rate, ask that they put code ESAVES5 on your account.

I’m wondering if you should call the person I spoke with that said the switch requests are going to be resubmitted at the lower rate? I don’t know if they’ll resubmit it if you signed up at the higher rate after? But you could call her and ask her to cancel your higher rate and submit the request again at the lower one. I’m going to send you her phone number by DM.


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I just spoke with Jennifer at Constellation. All of our switch requests are going to be resubmitted at the original rate we signed up for. They will be honored!!! They hope to be done by the end of the week and we will be notified by email when it is completed.