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I get the edges are very blurry when defining what something is or isn't in biology, but I wouldn't equate destroy or alter with consume, or grow with reproduce, either.


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23 × 1.2 tonnes is 27.6 tonnes of debris. To convert to tons, multiply by 1.1, giving about 30.4 tons. (Remember, a tonne is 1000 kg, and a ton is 2000 lbs. Don't mix those numbers up.) So, it's more like a 65% increase daily, which may be no laughing matter, depending on what those compounds are. But first, make sure your facts are correct.


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Thos is how research works. People have an idea. They do a lot of testing, and figure out a process that works. They say, "Hey, check out what we did!" Someone else, who was looking at something else, perhaps in a completely different field, learns about this and it leads to some practical advance in the world at large. Kind of like seeing salt making frog legs jump leading to lithium ion batteries.


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Well, age of consent in Texas is 17, I'm pretty sure people under 17 are still having sex, and I'd prefer those who could get pregnant from rape have unfettered access to contraceptives, as well.


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It's probably been said a million times before, but an electric car is less polluting than an ICE car, even if the electricity is generated from coal (the most polluting option). Also, the pollution won't be at street level in a densely populated area, so will have less immediate affects to the population, let alone the reduction of effects to the environment.


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Lol talking about people not reading the article and you didn't even get to the end of the title.

I live near one of the coldest cities in the world, EVs are more common all the time, and one user said he sees about a 10% drop in range due in the winter. That means that if I bought a brand-new EV and never parked it indoors that it would go from a 500 km range to 450 in the winter. I can live with that. Even with a slow charger, it should be back at full every day before we leave home.