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Ah, I really love all the comedy but this makes sense. They aren't just at city hall they're all over. You can hear the equipment running and using as intake makes sense to what sound it's making.

I suppose it may be a place the joker and his henchmen could dump knockout gas to clear a building?


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$ kWh $/kWh
Jan-22 $144.15 586 0.245989761

Feb-22 $141.89 581 0.244216867

Mar-22 $142.11 580 0.245017241

Apr-22 $139.42 599 0.232754591

May-22 $151.81 699 0.217181688

Jun-22 $291.92 1386 0.210620491

Jul-22 $342.38 1637 0.209150886

Aug-22 $419.14 2019 0.207597821

Sep-22 $271.75 1293 0.210170147

Oct-22 $247.63 964 0.256877593

Nov-22 $173.08 558 0.310179211

Dec-22 $136.53 449 0.304075724

2200 sq ft new house, propane heat, water and stove. 2 adults no children. Summer running pool pump and A/C. You can see the spike during the heat wave. I just straight up divided the total price by kWh used because you are still paying those fees...

Installing solar doesn't pay off for me unless I'm there 8-9 years at least.


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He’s at war with it but he’s losing. Just read a good article about Chesapeake Energy coming back from bankruptcy. They are at record natural gas production now. Unfortunately for New England there isn’t pipeline capacity to get it here. So it goes elsewhere and a more and more will be getting shipped to Europe as they build the terminals to fill the demand.


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Sell it back to power company as credit. Basically it goes like this… In summer you should have good producing months, hopefully above what you consume. The excess goes to RI Energy and they credit you for it. Winter months you produce less and you probably end up using those credits. The hope is you at least end up with net no electric bill.

Now there are so many factors like your house location, tree cover, your personal consumption etc.


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Battery is not for night usage, it’s for backup if the grid goes down. If you sign up for connected solutions they will pull from it at peak times. Everywhere I’ve seen says they give you 5000 for connected solutions but when the solar guy was here for the quote he said it doesn’t really work like that and it’s at the discretion of the power company.


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We looked into and it all seems really good. We were looking at buying not leasing. Unfortunately the break even in my case (approx 10 yrs) is probably longer than I plan living around here. My roof faces perfect direction and we have no trees. I think they are cool, and most of all I would have liked the F-U factor towards the power company.

The awful thing is that they don’t allow homeowners to overproduce if the roof space is available. They try to estimate your last few bills and maybe go slightly over. I think it would help the state situation somewhat if homeowners who had a good roof and were willing, to overproduce to help out the grid.


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I’m in a new house (4yrs) and never thought about an inspection. But we put in an in ground pool and gas fireplace since and have wondered about informing them. The actual agent left me a voicemail around the beginning of the month that got me a little worried. When I called back, an assistant answered and said he probably called to make sure everything was ok, that they usually do that once a year around renewal time.