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I've become a big fan of romance series where each book in the series has new characters and maybe there's a bit of a story that continues. I'm ten books into a romance series right now and it feels fresh because I get new characters each time. So many writers essentially end up writing their own fanfiction when they can't end their stories.


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That's where the series should have ended, or even better right after she travels back and meets Jamie in the bookshop (then give us a sex filled epilogue where they live happily ever after).

Then it basically becomes fan fiction of iteself. The author should have done a spinoff where the daughter while trying to go see her mother ends up traveling back way to far and meets a Viking.


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Oh, but she had sex with the boyfriend and then the rapist within days so it was just maybe a rapist baby.

Later they find a birthmark and decide that it must be the now husband's baby. Then they for some reason decide to stay in the past instead of going someplace where there is hygene and indoor plumbing.


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They're just expelled to a different type of school if they are. Kids have a right to be educated. If he'd been at Wendy's rather than a school. . . .

This is the best thing (outside of taking the guns away) that could have been done. I suspect they prevented something much worse from happening.