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The oldest dog in the world is Bobi, a 30yo dog who only eats human food. I understand your concern, but I am very careful about what I feed my dogs. There are some things that are only in moderation and some things that I supplement. They go to the vet regularly and have had full workups with blood tests. My vet told me they are 2 of the healthiest dogs that he sees


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Dogs in nature will gorge themselves. Sometimes they have to go a week without eating, so they just load up on as much as they can, as fast as they can. Cutting it up gives me a little time to eat mine in peace 🤭


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Although this is a different region, you're right about that area. Its amazing to me that near such a populated city, there are sights that have only been discovered recently. Xcambo for example was only discovered in the 90s I believe. Discovered is a strange term to use though. There are still many Mayan people living near there that continue the languages, traditions, and skills such as maintaing the walls along the roads. The route to Motul is a great example of the stone work that continues today. The locals always knew of these sights, but it really hits you though when you venture into the jungle and realize just how truly dense it can be. There is a vast network in that area from the pink salt lakes that they still harvest today in Meya'h Ta'ab, Xcambó, Dzibilchaltún, Mayapan and so many more. Many of the more modern towns are built from the dismantled building of the Mayans. It's mind blowing to think of what it must have been like before the Spanish turn the best ones into churches and other buildings. So little is left of what was so much