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We're ignore the 7-hour time difference and Just go with the fact that you don't understand what double jeopardy is.

Double jeopardy is for the EXACT SAME crime - as in the same charges from the same incident that happened at the same time. Double jeopardy isn't killing someone and never being able to be charged with murder again and it isn't getting out of every speeding ticket because you got one in your life.

It may be possible to argue double jeopardy if he had received the ticket and then a few miles down the road while in route to a place that he can bring himself into compliance he received the same tickets but that isn't what happened.

What happened is he broke the law.

7 hours later he broke the law again

He doesn't get a get out of jail free card just because he already broke those laws.


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This IS what happened. It was never intended to be the plane for the average person, it was the method of travel for the wealthy who could afford it.

When the Concord crashed news stories fan about how they were having to cannibalize decommissioned planes for working parts and how the aginging fleet was requiring more and more maintenance just to keep it aloft. The stories made it seem like we ahould expect the Concord to crash more often than there were successful flights. There was even a documentary I remember that went into the fact that the tires only lasted a few landings because how hard the plane landed.

After the stories the very wealthy who were taking Concord flights started taking private or First Class regular flights instead so it was decommissioned.

People who are looking at taking a 45 minute flight for $5000 or a 3 hour private plane for (then) $12000 - $15000 didn't give a crap about price of fuel


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The Concord was decommissioned because the fleet was aging and the maintenance costs were rising - including the fact that they got only a flew flights out of the landing gear before the tires had to be replaced.

The Concord crash lead to a lot of stories about the aging fleet and difficulty in getting them properly maintained and serviced, including cannibalization of already dcommissioned planes for working parts, that the customers of the Concord flights lost their trust and started booking slower flights.

It had nothing to do with fuel prices