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And a Judge in PA just ruled that the distribution of funds in the schools of PA is unconstitutional because there was no legitimate reason given why wealthy areas should have well funded schools and poor areas should have under funded schools.

This could be a game changer in terms of the the massive underfunding of city and rural schools. The judgement basically said “You guys need to come up with a way to fix this”.


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It’s not at all. If you are taking a stand against something/someone you think is immoral or corrupt, you make personal sacrifices.

Your argument is like voting to go on strike, crossing the picket line to go to work and the saying “How else am I supposed to make money?”

That’s part of taking a stand. In fact it’s like, the ONLY part of taking a stand.


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Reply to comment by ryeinn in Here we go by ais1981

He went on a bit of a monologue about how important the press is and that they’ve been attacked lately by people and “politicians” and in the most direct comment towards Trump said that they are not “the enemy of the people”.


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If you aren’t currently giving them money, you should. They consistently get rated as a very reliable and neutral news source, they don’t fan the flames of division, they have a lot of programming that makes people smarter and more informed, and it’s equally accessible to the very wealthy and very poor.

It’s one of the few high quality public services making the US a better place.


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Yeah. It’s crazy how much easier life gets if you work for a company that treats its employees well. My company makes you forfeit the check that the court gives you (the $9/day or whatever it is), but in turn, they give you the full day’s wage.


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Some employers will give you paid time off, completely separate from your vacation, if you have jury duty. I think this is their way of saying “If you are collecting paid time off for Jury Duty from your employer, you need to actually be here for Jury Duty.”