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The “post” is more than a headline. There’s an entire article attached to it. If you read the article as intended instead of hyperfocusing on the title, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Regardless, you never mentioned the article once before being called out on not reading it. You’ve been fighting about 8 month abortions this entire time.


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You’re not very bright, are you? The article is saying they can’t be charged criminally for performing abortions within the 15 weeks allowed by the law. Malpractice is not a criminal offense. It is a civil offense. This ruling has no bearing on medical malpractice. You’re fighting an imaginary fight. Did you even read the article?


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Abortion is a medical procedure. The only reason a fetus would be terminated at 8 months is if something was gravely wrong with it or it was already dead. If the mother’s life was in danger, and the fetus was healthy, they’d remove the fetus via BIRTH (ya know c section) and still try to save the fetus. Nobody is killing a healthy fetus at 8 months.