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The flow has improved significantly; thank you for all the work you’re doing on this. The one thing that’s left to fix is that the pedestrian only signal at MLK and Lexington goes red without any pedestrians hitting the signal. Once this signal becomes purely pedestrian activated, without any phantom signal changes, I think the flow will be almost perfect. Thanks again.


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This seems highly unlikely. Traffic lights have timers inside. If every light operates on a 60-second cycle for example, it’s possible for the whole road’s worth of signals to be timed perfectly. This is extremely basic traffic engineering. You do not need a graduate degree to understand the science here. And if the timer in a particular control box is broken, replace the timer.


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Reply to Water theft by sxswnxnw

When I moved to a rowhouse that has one side along an alley and had to put a spigot in, I installed one of these: Aquor house hydrant. It has two benefits: first, you need a special attachment to turn it on (included with the kit) and second, it fits completely flush against the house so no one will bang into it and hurt themselves or their car.