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One keeps the price of the house up. The other keeps the “help” from climbing over. The last one keeps the private parties, private.


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I think there is a push for people to grow gardens, a few chickens and maybe get some land. Though we live in a relative densely populated state, there is always that city person that may want a bit more.


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We are currently looking into integrating chicken mobile coops to clean up after the sheep and goats. We are also adding native CT trees to help neighboring bee keepers and birds that pollinate crops. Permaculture may be a great way to help the environment and each other


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Thats awesome. Yes, it would be great as we can share stories, tips, designs, livestock for genetic diversity, etc. I want to see if there is more interest and then send invites, hoping for at least 10 to get it start it.


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Hi, yes. For starters easy to clean and easy access.

If you are using an existing room in a barn or garage, it usually easier. We use a part of our small barn.

A safety tip, do no use space heater inside coops. Be aware that rodent may start coming in, chickens are rodent magnets. Facing coop windows south help with natural light for the girls. I recommend buying little solar power lights you can screw on the sides of your coop to help with light in case a predator ventures by.


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  1. Thank you for working on community gardens. That is a great way to help your community.

  2. I am actually working a DYI project for people to grow micro-greens anywhere. Will share the plans, materials and manual for free so people can grow their own food even in an apartment with basic stuff.


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I would recommend exploring small scale hydroponics. If you have any space you dont use, you could make it into a small project where you and your kids may learn about plant growth. Lettuce is fairly easy. Imagine eating the lettuce you grown yourself versus the one that had a bunch of chemicals sprayed on from the store.


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Hi, yes I am a member of that. I was hoping to make a little network in CT so we could help each other in the reddit subspace.

It is a growing movement, if this is something you like, I would love to help you make it a reality. No, Im not selling you anything but you can start off with a few chickens. The taste of your own chicken eggs will be the best you have ever had. It is a gateway drug to food freedom and self-sustainability.