meidkwhoiam t1_jd6ih4q wrote

'In the future' meaning whenever a robotics student decides to make it happen for whatever project. We've had robots that are more than capable of that kind of complex motion for a long time now.

Like sure it's not gonna be an industrialized machine making fabrics faster than a human feasibly ever could, but we have robots that allow surgeons to perform from across the country, and to perform operations that human hands are just not precise enough for.

My point is that this isn't a technology issue, it's that no one has been bored enough to figure it out yet.


meidkwhoiam t1_jd0ygcz wrote

Far too complicated sounds like it actually means 'research group hasn't decided to tackle it yet'

Like how hard could it be for a bunch of robotics students to get a couple 6axis arms to work together? Sure maybe you wouldn't have a massive industrialized process, but you could exchange human sweatshop workers with 2 robot arms.