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Yes, they are worth it. Then check out the other writers who have added to this world in Kindle unlimited. They are available individual purchase as well but many are not terribly long so a month or 2 of unlimited is worth the cost if you are a quick reader. Howely opened his world up for other writers to get paid for their works, he is a very cool author.


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There are many great fics based in that universe once you are done with the Howley cannon. Most are available on Kindle Unlimited for free.

I too lost a week of my life devouring that series. It is certainly one that forces you to think about it when not reading it.


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Calling folks who see humans as dangerous invasive species names is not going to convince them that humans are great and we should totally have 6 kids each to prop up the economy...

Unless by pro human you are advocating for quality of life vs quantity.


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He also closed many many psychiatric facilities and just put the folks that were housed there out on the street. He made the wandering crazy homeless person the norm in many cities IMO.


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My large international company just broke profit records and decided that 90% of the company deserved no raise and the ones that got one got 3%

Here is hoping next year we break record for quickest downturn of profitability. They turned willing workers interested in company success into bitter people looking busy while they job search. The only joy at have at work these days is processing the quits, everyone of them fill my heart with joy knowing it will take 8 months minimum to replace them because giant companies move slow on hiring process.