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For my first job, I had a phone interview, an on-site interview, they kept me on ice for a while but I kept following up. Then they demanded another phone interview with east coast office (in 2010 before zoom), they still weren’t sure and put me on ice again. Then I got a “meet up” interview in person with a practice director who happened to be visiting the city where I lived… I finally got the job after that. If I didn’t get that job I probably wouldn’t have been very successful in my career. Not even sure what I’d be doing. It was also during 2010 and there were almost no openings anywhere so I felt extremely lucky.

So that was 4 interviews technically and I really cannot imagine having to go through 8.

That said what happened to interviews 6 and 7 on this chart?


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Google also seems to offer products for free (I think they are free… correct me if wrong) to schools, which is sorta a public service, but also indoctrinates younger people into continuing to use google products into adulthood.


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I think the numbers for saraswati are helpful, but I was trying to ignore the effect of andromeda approaching Milky Way. What would it be like for some object much closer than saraswati but one that is not approaching us specifically?

Is andromeda blueshifted then? Edit- I see now that it is from a google search. That makes it a bad example for this


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I wonder if that has anything to do with it being itchier than 10,000 motherfucking mosquitoes

And you know, like, advances in synthetics and such


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Ever hear of the movie The Cooler?

There’s a guy in the casino who goes around to tables on big winning streaks, and by virtue of his presence and inherent luck, manages to “cool off” the table so the casino stops losing money.

That is basically me except I don’t work for the casino