melli_milli t1_ja0i3t3 wrote

I think if someone had very light diet and are small overall it can be hard to realize how bad it can be for a big man or anyone who needs actual energy from food to deal with the whole day of party time. Imagine having busy week, not enough time to cook and eat properly, maybe some physical work included. Then you take the drive to a party and what you most of all want is to enjoy good food that you recognise what it is.

I am not diabetic but if my blood sugar drops it gets bad. The day should be all about celebration and happiness. Fancy food seems more like a image thing than keeping people energized and happy.

If they won't have enough energy to drive back home after party that is the only thing they will remember. Eating burger on gas station risking getting stains in the fancy clothes.

I cannot understand why OP feels like she fd up.


melli_milli t1_ja09rsp wrote

FIL had a hunch of her daughter's choise of food and wanted to say something without being pushy. There was no f up here, this is a saver.

It really is a f up to not serve people food that makes them feel full in a whole day of partying. It is not fancy if people are getting grumpy and dizzy for not eating properly on your special day.