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They’re gunna put solar panels on your roof, then all the power you generate forever will go towards energy credits that go right into their pocket, not yours. Forever. Don’t do it


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I went to the “best” elementary school, “best” middle school, and “best” high school in Worcester with learning disabilities. Almost all my teachers growing up would not accommodate my 504, mock me, call me stupid, etc. I pray times have changed but stay away from WPS, my experience was a nightmare and I have no idea how I made it out alive


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The cheapest one. My roommate handles the electric bill so I told him to choose the cheapest provider on National Grid’s website. He said he just sorted them by cheapest and chose that one


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Did you select your provider on their website? We just switched to an $0.18/kWh provider. Not very clean energy, but who cares it’s cheaper


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OP my father and his wife were house hunting in Newton in 2018 and both make 6 figures at their jobs. They could afford nothing, median home price in Newton back then was $1.8m, unsure what it is now. Hope you’re well off if you’d like to live there, you’re likely looking at $30-$40k just in property taxes per year EDIT: forgot to mention 33% of Newton residents in 2018 had a household income of $250k+, can cite this stat if you’d like