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Thank you. I think it's getting close, and I am monitoring the comments as usual. There are anti-chestnut copy-pastas as always, but a lot of genuine support too.


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As u/marcusregulus says, it's non-native. I don't know why people want this when every other times people talk about introducing species they say 'cane toad' and 'purple loosestrife' and those god-forsaken water chestnuts that I pulled out of the Mystic River for years.

Why don't they see that here? I ask the same thing every time someone wants Wolbachia instead of GMO mosquitoes and end up just rolling my eyes back in my head. People who claim to be environmentalists somehow can't figure this out.

Anyway: the American chestnut is what should be used.


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I'm not a huge fan of the Chinese chestnut strategy--but hopefully the American chestnut approval comes along soon and we can start sinking carbon with those massive trees again.

Public comment is open at the US Federal Gubmint site. Tell them how much you want chestnuts restored--how good for the environment, etc.


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Hybridization, missing wild ancestors and the domestication of cultivated diploid bananas

ORIGINAL RESEARCH article Front. Plant Sci., 07 October 2022 Sec. Plant Systematics and Evolution