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Haha thanks! My nose is fine :P

You're learning this about 10 years earlier in your life than I did, but - to paraphrase my therapist - you always have to validate your feelings.

Sometimes, what you think and what's logical is not the same as what you feel. You can change what you think of the situation, but it's not healthy to fight how you feel.


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Just because someone doesn't mean to be hurtful doesn't mean you have to ignore that it hurt.

Earlier today, my wife accidentally hit my face with her elbow when she reached for something. I didn't blame her and still think the world of her, but ya know, if my nose were bleeding, I'd go take care of it.

You're probably feeling very vulnerable and insecure right now. Be aware of that and do whatever you have to do to be comfortable. That doesn't mean you think your bf is a bad person. Recognizing that you're hurting is not the same as blaming the person or thing that hurt you.


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Going from 1 comment to 4 isn't an increase of 40%, that's an increase of 300%.

With small numbers like "replies to a single reddit comment", yeah, percentage is barely helpful. But when dealing with big numbers like "number of calls to a national emergency number", percentage is more helpful than raw volume.

An increase of 0.5 million from 0.25 million is way different than from 20 million. The difference in percentage (200% increase vs 2% increase) tells you how effective the increase is relative to the original.


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That's an increase of about 42%, for those wondering.

> The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline received over 1.7 million calls, texts and chats in its first five months.

(I really hate when articles etc. give bare numbers with no context. A better title would be "...988 saw a 42% increase in number of calls, texts...")