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I might have not been clear or direct about the statement, “steady supply of beef”. It was with implications that if a BBQ joint wants to use a reputable source, they would have to pay higher costs due to being further away (proximity).

Strictly speaking in general sense, yes, there is a steady supply of beef all over the country. One can get a brisket anywhere but it tends to be either select or choice grade.

It is more convenient (cheaper) for BBQ joints to use reputable sources when they are near to them based on the proximity. Further away, the cost goes up. I’m referring to high quality briskets (prime grade), not the supermarket version.


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I think the point keeps being missed. I’ll do an analogy here. Brisket is akin to gas. The price varies from a location to a location due to logistics/transportation costs. Anyone can get a select or a choice brisket but high quality such as a prime from a reputable source (typically in these four states) will have to pay extra costs. Any Texas style BBQ joint worth their weight won’t be skimping on that particular area.


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Oh, brother. Here we go again.

BBQ has numerous regional variations and it’s not possible to compare ZZQ with a generic BBQ spot. They specialize in Texas style. They should be compared against different joints who does Texas style.

As for prices, it’s expensive because ZZQ is on East Coast. They use USDA prime briskets and it’s lotta easier if someone is near or in Texas where there is a steady supply of beef.