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NewtoNewHampshire mod and BoSox9. Get out of the Vermont subs you Credit Card Socialist POS. Your last line is the same lame shit you always sign off with or with name checks out. French Revolution Bastille shit my ass. When? While you are up in Quebec skiing for $140 a day? You're nothing but a rich boy poser probably flush with Daddy's money playing social media guerrilla warrior. Pathetic. Go live in Cuba if you think it's such great example of socialism. See how you do there. You are so condescending to anyone but those you deem pure and worthy. You don't want what socialism is because you think you are above everyone and have all the answers. Narcissistic POS looking down on the brainwashed deplorables.


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One big difference between New Jersey and Vermont. New Jersey is across a river from the most dominant economic city in America, perhaps the world. Vermont is across a lake from the Adirondacks.

How many people do you think want to move to a place with very few good, well-paying, career-worthy jobs? Where winter is 6-7 months of the year? Unless you think there will be a mad rush to get at those crappy seasonal service jobs, I wouldn't freak out too much about it.

Rich people FROM New Jersey, NY, Mass, Conn. buying up houses to use as second homes in Vermont. Now that is something to freak out a little about.


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You should really do some research into how well nationalized healthcare is doing in Britain and many other countries. The reality is many people rely on private hospitals in those countries because systems like the NHS are so backlogged and overwhelmed. Not saying America's system is doing great for poor people, but many of these idealized nations systems are not ideal if you just scratch under the surface a bit.


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If you like winter and winter sports, don’t need big city convenience and amenities and are very liberal politically, you will probably really like Vermont. Unfortunately, housing costs exploded with people fleeing large Northeastern and western cities and buying up second homes during the pandemic. There is less sprawl and congestion than most comparably nice places and Vermont is very scenic. Skiing is a great winter activity for kids if you can afford it. Summers are great too.


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The general sentiment of this I get but jfc how smug can one be. Less than half of the people living here were born here. The Vermont exceptionalism that some people have is beyond ridiculous. The amount of A-hole drivers in green plated trucks is epidemic. The amount of scared drivers going 40mph up the on-ramp to 1-89 is insane. The number of Vermont drivers glued to the right lane as they are passing an on-ramp with merging traffic is very dangerous.

Leaf peepers and Mass/NJ/Conn. drivers are indefensable.