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I got rid of cable like 2011? Then I got dish or direct tv in like 2013 for less than a year because I missed live sports and I was sick of going to bars or watching pirated streams. But then I realized I'm fine doing that if it means saving 100s per month.


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The attitude that Massachusetts is this far-off hellscape full of roaming bands of speeders and people who change your state is really regressive. It's just a state. Calm down.

If a show takes place in like Chicago and characters have to go to Maine.... that's far.

Settle down. We don't live in some sacred place that's only for us and only real maine folk would understand. It's just another state with its good and its bad. It's baffling why you'd argue to not want to hear the name of a place on a movie or show.


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I lived in NH most of my life sans the last 8 or so years. No. We just pay taxes differently. There's two big lies you're brainwashed into believing in NH

  1. its super duper free all the time always
  2. low taxes bayyyybeeeee

And its just not true. Real estate taxes are staggering. My brother and mother both live in smaller houses than me , in worse towns and pay taxes orders of magnitude higher than me.

The other big one is that infrastructure is embarrassingly underfunded. Even if the maine taxes are net more expensive we get waayyyy more and our state is far superior.


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Oh. Yeah. I believe you. We'd do that with like the first few hours at Aaron's every day and an hour or so after the store closed. It'd eventually devolve to a point where notice would be served by the cops. But prior to that we'd call anyone and everyone including employers. They're mega scummy.


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Shit. It's midnight and you just made me realize where I plowed my snow is a bit troublesome for oil. I was trying to widen my driveway and went "aah that back corner is perfect"

I'm in my 30s. I should know much better. My brain went somewhere else today. Thanks for jogging the thought I'm playing with my snowblower tomorrow.


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My old man was a fire fighter for years and he always advocated shoveling a path around the entire house at least as wide as 3 or 4 shovel widths. He had a story (true or not) about an emergency that got much worse because they couldn't access the rear of the building due to snow.

Maybe some fire fighter somewhere will tell me otherwise. My father is a piece of shit and a notorious bullshit artist. But it at least passes the sniff test and years later I continue shoveling around my property.


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I can't speak to RAC but I managed an Aaron's location for a while and it's horrendous how much debt customers go into for items.

We would sell them items between 200% to 1000% over MSRP. It would start as an emergency and then the company did everything to upsell them or trap them in the system. They'd also hold contests to award customers who had the most items and the highest payments. Fucking. There was a payday advance loan place in our parking lot. We spent so much time doing collections.

They'd also have us talk to customers about how our payments are monthly vs weekly or x% or customers more get to ownership over RAC customers. Like cool there's less fees and more people get to owning a hyper inflated item?

They also are almost certainly straight up bullshitting customers with the "rebuild credit" lie. Only reporting to 1 agency.

Avoid them like the plague like this guy says. If they're like Aaron's they abuse customers and employees alike and suck people dry. If you can try to find alternatives on fb marketplace or maybe from friends and family.

As for finding WFH work OP check either LinkedIn or Ratracerebellion


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Mine is a bit different than what folks here have but it's common from most people I've encountered.

1lb ground beef Beef broth (optional) maybe half a cup 2ish cloves garlic 1 green pepper 1 red pepper (optional) 1 medium yellow onion 1 tbs each dried oregano and basil 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 small can tomato paste 1 San marzano tomatoes (crushed or diced or whatever works too) 1 box elbow Mac

You'll start by dicing the peppers and onions. This will be like a sofrito for the sauce. Let this cook over a medium heat with oil for a 2 to 5 minutes until tender. Add garlic and cook for a few more minutes stirring occasionally.

Add your spices here. If you're feeling frisky add crushed red peppers. Add in your tomato paste and a splash of water so it's not thick anymore.

Here comes the tomatoes. Cook these down until it reduces just a bit. Taste for seasoning.

While this is going brown your beef. Salt and pepper to flavor. Drain any excess grease. Add the broth here and let it simmer for like a minute or two. Make sure you deglazed the pan here.

You'll add your worcestershire and beef to the sauce.

Salt the ever loving fuck out of your water and cook your noodles to the box.

Before draining reserve a mug of water. Add sauce to noodles. Stir these boys in and add some pasta water in as needed.

For optimal results, refrigerate immediately and serve as leftovers


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There's a book I read that's really reframed my thinking on this called "the climate Leviathan".

It frames the argument that we will see more and more climate refugees and the world will be pressed to a breaking point. Once that happenes it argues for 4 outcomes.

  1. we all just sort of let it happen, and very little changed. Business provides solutions to mitigate the issue, and we praise them as heroes.
  2. People become so outraged by the current system they topple the current one and replace it by a Mao style government. Substituting safety in the state for freedom. Thus solving the climate issues.
  3. everything just regular goes to shit
  4. the almost impossible one. We all realize what's happened. Neighbors help neighbors. We agree to topple most business and heavily involve ourselves in a utopian society for eachother. Science builds a Mcguffin to save everything. We all live happily ever after. The authors also warn most people believe this will happen and aren't putting effort towards it.

Really we need to get comfortable with the reality of more refugees, more climate crisis, more places becoming inhospitable and giving up more luxury to make life for the future possible.


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That's actually true. I was mostly thinking about Ghana and the untold harm that's been caust there but you're not wrong.

Hell even with food. With Russia and Ukraine not shipping resources around its art harder for a lot more people to eat. Globalization by far is a good thing but also exposes huge weaknesses in economies and I think barring massive upheaval we won't see change.


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This is probably the best answer for now. Unfortunately. The war in Russia has taught us two important lessons. The first is that food scarcity can happen in the blink of an eye and the second is how oil dependant developing nations are.

The reality is if we support a totally green initiative the cost would be the greatest from the poorest globally and those who cannot afford to transition. The costs would be in human lives and would come exclusively from the unwilling and unable as conflicts worsen.

There won't be a genius billionaire like Iron man coming to invent a magic solution. Unfortunately it'll he about learning to mitigate the consequences and preparing for worse and worse until we find a point climate change becomes unacceptable.


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Depends where you are. Weekend anime is nice. If you're within striking distance of NH I'd suggest jetpack comics in Rochester. They're much better than anything around here by a very large margin.


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Reply to comment by Guygan in Cell coverage by sofuckinawkward

Thats objectively not true.

For one. There's two languages cell phones "speak" CDMA or GSM. ATT and Verizon use these different wavelengths. To put it very simply think the difference between gasoline and diesel. Yes they fundamentally do the same thing but they're different.

Next. Each carrier operates bands. They're required by the fcc to sell and maintain a set amount of them. Think channels on a walkie talkie. ATT is channel 1 and T mobile is channel 2. They don't accidentally broadcast over eachother unless roaming agreements are met. And even then main customers have higher priority on the network. These channels all are broadcast at different wavelengths and spectrums. I can tell you from years of experience that US Cellular for example owns and maintains many of their own towers. Some carriers do some don't.

What you're likely thinking of. Contracts between carriers and pre paid carriers. If I'm Verizon I have all of this extra "space" on my network. I can avoid heat with the fcc by leasing this to pre paid carriers to let them have lower priority, lower speed service that may receive less high quality voice.

Why don't you notice that? Because you're probably not at a ball game or something over crowded every day where the tower needs to decide to boot you off.

So what does matter ? Coverage. Each carrier has a unique relay establishing a foot print between the towers that establishes your service. For example us cellular works really well in rural Maine but maybe not so well in styles they're not licensed in like Massachusetts. So maybe you'll find data is slow and won't work. So maybe ATT is better. Or maybe you're up and down the highway, and T Mobile is better.

It's easy to think the strategies they all deploy are identical and just pick the lowest cost carrier but I'd recommend finding out specifically how they work in your area. Otherwise you could be stuck with subpar service.

Or don't. I'm just some dick online. You're a whole ass adult. Do what you want.