mercilessfatehate t1_j6piriz wrote

I’m 99% sure most the news about it is just skewed for propaganda purposes. They want to demoralize Russia by making them a laughing stock, so they print fabrications in order to do so. Pretty common war tactic. We don’t actually know how it’s going over there aside from what our extremely politicized sources tell us


mercilessfatehate OP t1_iyf00yk wrote

Isn’t that tradition though? I’m not trying to be a smart ass but that seems to be the way the world works. The more talented we are the younger we die.

I’m not suicidal but I recognize that my life is limited and tbh a part of me thinks that if I die young, I might have a better chance of becoming a legend. I know that’s sick and twisted but it seems to be true


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Oh I knew. I’d done a bunch of heroin and other opiates, even had fent patches before the whole fent craze started. But this was the first time I’d had pure fent and smoked it. Naturally I’m a dumb fuck who doesn’t believe all the stories and does stupid shit like overdosing twice in a week. But in my defense I’d done a lot of opiates never once had a near death experience cuz I was “safe” so I thought