merkwuerdig_liebe t1_izr9hfv wrote

Yeah, I'm afraid just being "nice" doesn't quite cut it, unfortunately.

Being a good person also entails standing up against evil and injustice, instead of just appeasing it. Remember, Jesus wasn't just a nice person, he spoke up against the religious leaders of his day and that's what ultimately landed him in hot water.


merkwuerdig_liebe t1_izr1mld wrote

Oh great, another platitude! /s

That's still underselling it, IMO. Being a good person will get you shit on, lied to, exploited, abused, falsely accused, and vilified by the majority of people, and can really put you in a major depression when you fully realize just how fucked up the world is. It's not for the weak and feeble minded.

Remember, the whole story of Jesus was about a man without sin, and he got crucified and murdered as a result. Now THAT really sums up what you're in for, and explains why there are so few people who can actually do it.