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Hi Dr. Lee, what would you do to change the DSM and ensure better trauma/developmentally informed practices be adopted across medical, social work, educational, and first responder fields if you could get the ideal outcome?


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I think it's south of Kenya where the author of the article and headline was from and some biases or loose translation assumptions carried over based on what I gathered from reading and the comments here? It seems likely this might be an early career article on a website that isn't exactly focused on news editing but translation.


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Thank you for making that distinction, I wish Colonialism didn't have such a large footprint on so much of the information in this article and the way many of us wound up reading the situation.

The author who wrote and titled the article seems to be from Kenya, perhaps there's a geographic bias in description where Malawi would be noted as South in Africa to Kenya but with added ambiguity due to the existence of South Africa as a nation?

Reading some of the other comments about her chief status, I'm wondering if "first chief" might be a reference to being like head woman chief, rather than the first of all time too. I'd be curious to know what the names for leadership roles in her original language are and what they imply.


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I crossposted it from someone else. Yes the reality of misinformation and ignorance isn't very uplifting. The factual account from the woman that it was rooted in however remains so and I think it's worth keeping the comments above to at least educate others about the reality especially since the reality is better than what was initially shared and there's an opportunity for many of us to learn from that.


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Thank you for this thorough breakdown.y overall lack of awareness about a lot happening in Africa compounded with my enthusiasm for the potential good news turned into a hasty share that kept OP's original title even though I had an inkling that there wasn't something right about the geographic notes. The rest of the context you raised is important for many of us to see and note too as a lot of us lack the cultural education to properly interrogate claims like what's in the headline not to mention interrogate our own understanding of other cultures and their definition of roles and governance like chiefhood as it can differ greatly from nation to nation and tribe to tribe. Thanks again!