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Ah, so this is a ground and not a roof mount? In that case, yes, there are extra costs to build the structure and do the trenching. We were quoted about a 25% premium for a ground mounted option so that would put you closer to $90k. I'd be very surprised if prices have increased 20% from a year ago.


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Maine Solar Solutions. Roughly $20,000 for a 7.68kW system. Contract signed in Q1 of 2022 and installed in Q2 of 2022. I did not use solar financing. The company was very easy to work with, they actually came on-site to do a site-survey and were willing to negotiate on the pricing somewhat. Install was completed almost 2 months early and I haven't had a power bill since. I'm on track to produce about 10% more power than they estimated so I'm installing a heat pump to try and use it up.

Beware of solar loans through companies like Mosiac. They advertise a low rate but charge a huge fee up front, sometimes as much as 30% of the total project.


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You don't have to, but there are many people out there who are not financially disciplined enough to be on a longer plan and pay anything more than the minimum. I don't think my original comment was focused enough and is mostly based on my own personal experiences. I live in a neighborhood about 30 minutes north of Portland that isn't too dissimilar from the one I or my wife grew up in. The difference, however, is that the parents here who have children are either older, have two graduate-level+ careers, and/or have family helping out with childcare. The couples that don't have children still have two white collar incomes. I grew up on a police officer's salary and my wife on a truck driver's salary. The average first time homeowner demographic is very different today.