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You want specifics on the ~50M active daily reddit users as a breakdown of exactly which accounts seem to not understand economics? But object to generalizations, and then ask for them?

edit - Huh, that's clever and kinda sad. Ask for more info and then block the person so they can't reply.


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Well, since you're so civil and friendly, I'll explain.

If you actually took the time to read the comments from other people, and not just fixate on your entitlement to be spoon fed information, and had maybe passed even high school economics you would see that there are a lot of folks who dont understand how these things work, and are more than willing to spout innane things that make as much sense as playing chess with an asocial pigeon.


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I did. Do you usually use red herrings or are you a fan of making falicous arguments in general?

Did you know that center square is a rebranding of and affiliated with the state policy networks and is tied to anti-tax policies that have advocated for cutting military and social policy benefits?