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I was driving 30 some odd miles every day. Now I drive/walk/bike a mile to the Metro. I cannot remember the last time I got gas. It's great!

Biggest complaint is walking is uphill both ways, so the band where the weather is good is very slim. Bike is quick but the drivers between home and the Metro are nuts.


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Went on a lovely hike yesterday and my Achilles feels better today than it did before the hike, so win? Still might die during the CUCB.


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Had an unexpected windfall from the Comptroller of Maryland... so now I can turn that around to the PG County Comptroller. In the words of Shaggy, it wasn't me, but she even caught me on cameraaaaaa...


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I solved my shin splints that plagued my first year of running. Achilles is new, and being unable to walk up hills due to covid kinda... it's been a rough running season. Goal is to survive the Cherry Blossom.


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"cost" Only two people have lost money running a casino: Donald Trump and DC.

Some day the transcripts of the chats will come out with "Consulting fees" and "carry out receipts" and "bribes... I mean uh... not bribes" and it will be hilarious.


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Old job made me take a DISC assessment. It's a variant of Big 5. I know this because it came up as woo woo magic at an old job. They also made the mistake of telling me what they were looking for. Easiest test to manipulate ever.


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I had COVID 4 months ago. I got my booster in December. I'm supposed to be immune! Alas... This sucks, again, but not as bad as last time, so I've got that going for me.


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After going into the office everyday last week, I get to work from home this week. Hooray!

I will save why for tomorrow.


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Finished the repairs in the dining room and guest bath. Swapped in a new cat box. Worked out. Watched 'Predator'. That's a good weekend!