mexicocitibluez t1_jc6f504 wrote

he denied it AFTER they searched his house for the person. they can't just search your shit when looking for someone. the whole "we knocked and a door to your secret cache flew open" is the reason they used for the warrant (since technically they arent allowed to).

He probably realized this after giving them permission to search for the person, but at the point it's too late.

edit: the initial search and warrant was for a person. warrants are very specific about what you can and cannot search.hence why they needed ANOTHER one


mexicocitibluez t1_jc6f0nz wrote

> Deputies state in the complaint that they knocked on the door they found in the basement and the door came open revealing the cache of drugs.

Dude. IANAL, but I'm almost positive since they were there for a person they aren't allowed to "search" through your shit. This is how they get around actually searching. By making up a story about "knocking on the door...and the door came open revealing all the secret stuff". This is pretty ridiculous.