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The Philly grill in Waterbury has been good. Have had a couple misses there more recently. But durning the height of COVID I realized my wife and I grabbed a cheesesteak from there six weeks in a row. Of course, you have to goto Waterbury. But you can get right back on 84. It’s a block from the mall.

I grew up just outside of Philly and can be a bit picky. My wife has really been enjoying the one she’s been getting at brgrko in hamden lately. But I am a bit turned off by any place calling it a steak and cheese.


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This seems like better advice as it seems to come with some first hand knowledge. All I know is that the Waterbury line exists on maps. I also tried to word my post ambiguously enough to not recommenced Waterbury itself either. I wouldn't suggest anyone live in Waterbury. But somewhere near 84 and route 8 could be good.


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I’ve never used it, and it might just be shit, but Waterbury and southward have a metro north line. Maybe look along rt 8? Closer to west Hartford. I guess it really depends how long the train ride is and how frequently the trains run.


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I believe you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get your store or attraction on those signs. I used to work at a chain restaurant just off of I-80 when I was in college. (This was in PA). We were not on the sign informing drivers that they could get off and stop at our restaurant. When I asked the GM he said that they wanted a lot of money to be on that sign, like over 50K. Which, in hindsight wasn't that much for the restaurant. However, it was the first time I realized you had to pay to advertise on those signs.


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I work in academic publishing. In some cases, at least at our organization, we would just image the hand drawn table into the pdf. We digitize a lot of old academic material.


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Assuming you celebrate Christmas you might try out a polar express type train activity next December. I think Essex has one that is supposed to be the best in the state. We went to one in Thomaston this year. The three year old loved being on a real train and meeting Santa (first year he has) and the 11 month old literally was in disbelief when she saw Rudolph. They both carried around the bell they were given for days.

We did the lights at lighthouse point earlier in the month. It was the first week and right at sundown. It was deserted and we were able to drive through a few times. The fantasy of lights or whatever it’s called up at UCONN is a nightmare. The kids loved it, but nothing like paying thirty dollars to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for 90mins. An hour in line for a half hour of lights. The lights at Hubbard park in meridian were decent, and free. I think arriving before dinner at like 5pm is the best idea. The least amount of other cars.

Otherwise you seem to have a good plan for the week. Kids also seem to love being outside even in cold weather. Parks are always a good way to tire them out and hope for a proper nap.

On Friday and Sundays Extreme Air in Cheshire has the morning reserved for toddlers (really like 1-5 year olds.) also a lot of fun. It is a trampoline park. Last time I took my son he had the time of his life, but crashed with like 15 mins left. Could barely walk. Napped well that day.


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If you want a more suburban feel, parts of hamden, Cheshire, Wallingford (decent electric rates), and Branford maybe options.

If you are a Yale grad student and want to be near others you might try science hill or east rock. The former seems to have more families. You will probably want a car here. But I’ve seen people do food deliveries from stop and shop and even Walmart. Though east rock does have some small markets. And definitely has more walkable restaurants. Science hill maybe closer to campus for you. Though the shuttles are decent.

I lived in new haven for over a decade on the edge between science hill and east rock. I was lucky and I loved it. My wife and I moved a half hour out of the city when she was pregnant three years ago. (It’s also a halfway point between our jobs).

Most of all the towns I listed are within 5-10 mins of either 95, the Merritt (state rt 15), 91, or 84.


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Cheesesteak land huh. I was raised down that way too. If modern is local to you and you have a car You might try venturing just north to hamden. Elis Markert on whitney and jroos make a familiar pizza to me. both are probably about 10-12 mins from east rock or science hill area. Modern, and 163 got a lot of my pizza money when I lived in new haven.