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Absolutely, I think that’s a part of keeping things “business as usual” as much as they can. Enticing or convincing someone is a lot easier if you do it bit by bit, rather than completely up-ending their view of the world in one fell swoop. You start with the positives, then you get to the negatives once they’re already pretty much on board.

It’s manipulative, but it’s also effective.


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Yup. A lot of churches were built over pagan temples when Christianity swept through the world. For the location and convenience mostly. Also, it would probably be easier to convince vikings to start adopting a radically different religion if going go church is as similar an experience as possible to going to whatever temple they used to have. The cynic in me imagines “dear vikings, come to our church, it’s where your temple used to be. We preach love and tolerance and we’re keeping things as “normal” as possible, we won’t tell you about eternal damnation until we’ve hooked you in with everlasting life in paradise” would be the best tactic.


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Yup, you’ll get no argument from me there, and that’s actually kind of my point. I don’t think John Astin was particularly sexy when he wasn’t playing Gomez, and that’s part of what makes the character of Gomez so interesting for me. You can take an actor who isn’t exactly the standard of beauty, but if they play Gomez well, the character’s passion, his skill, his adoration for his wife, and the fact that he’s a great father, will make the character sexy, and this will often sort of rub off on the actor while he’s playing the part.

I think Gomez is one of the few characters I know of who has the power to make people attracted to his personality and as such make the man himself more attractive, in the same way that irl you can become attracted to someone who isn’t all that good looking because of the person they are.


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Lmao, I love how you’re focusing on Forbes when I’ve literally provided you with THREE other sources that all say 2-300,000 years. And yet you’ve provided ZERO sources. Just get the fuck out, you’re fucking pathetic


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“Approximately 300,000 years ago, the first Homo Sapiens - anatomically modern humans- arose alongside our other Hominid relatives.


“While our ancestors have been around for about 6 million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago.”


“Modern humans originated in Africa within the past 200,000 years”


So no, I’m not cherry picking data.

The rest of your comment is irrelevant word salad. It has nothing to do with what we were talking about, you’re just talking for the sake of it, and I have no interest in engaging with it.


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Birthing humans have only been around for a couple hundred thousand years, and something being reality doesn’t preclude it from being a phobia. If that were the case, there would be no phobias. Pregnancy and birth still kills thousands upon thousands of women every single year, and leaves many others with chronic pain, PTSD, and various disabilities. Lastly, and with all the respect you are due, which incidentally is precisely none…

I have no problem handling reality. I knows births happen, I have no difficulty accepting that. I celebrate births when done by people I know, and I find great joy in watching the resulting humans develop and grow into intelligent, capable adults. I personally merely find the prospect of birthing intensely and viscerally unappealing. So I take steps to ensure, to the best of my ability, that it’s a situation I never find myself in, while maintaining the utmost respect and admiration for those who do.

If you think that’s a “problem” in any sense of the word, you’re more than welcome to your opinion. However absurd and pathetic it might be.


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Oof, your poor wife. Hope she recovered with no lasting damage.

I have nothing but respect for people who give birth, that shit is brutal, I could never do it. I have a bit of a pregnancy/birth phobia and it’s just amazing to me that people voluntarily put themselves through it. More power to them.


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I’ve seen footage of vaginal births. It’s not so much that it grosses me out, more that it sends me into fully fledged panic attacks. All due respect given to those who go through it, I could never.


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I spend a great deal of my time trying not to imagine a newborn being pushed through my fun bits, so I’m going to pass on the mental image of a 3-month old.