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What are the inputs to produce synthetic meat? Soybeans? Wheat?

What will the implications be for regions where cattle production is the main economic activity?

Will synthetic meat be designed to be a healthy food using medical scientific research to maximize dietary benefits, or will the marketing of the product be used to maximize consumption and profit regardless of negative effects on consumers?


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Days. Each home listed for sale has been on the market for a certain number of days. The data for all listings in a county has been used to calculate a median number of days on market for each county. This statistic is reported each month by realtor.com. This map shows the change in that statistic from September to October.


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Regions which have a lot of red counties are in a slowdown of demand, regions with blue counties saw an increase in demand, regions with a mix of colors are not seeing much change. The differences between individual counties are not that significant because local housing markets are varied and unique.

One thing you could take away is that there is no national housing crash, as some have predicted. There are some regions where demand has dropped from last month.


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The software is QGIS. The County map is US Census Tiger Cartographic shapefile set by county. I have to make some changes to the realtor.com csv file, the county id numbers which start with 0 lose the initial 0 so I have to add the 0 and convert the field to text using Libreoffice Calc.


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The data is by county. There are a number of data fields that provide counts of listings: active listings, pending listings, and total listings. There are also data fields for increased price listings, and price reduction listings. This map is based on reduced price listings divided by active listings times 100.

I am going to check if using the total listings as the denominator eliminates the problem that some counties show more reduced price listings than active listings.