microfsxpilot t1_je6b1ik wrote

I’ve definitely noticed the slower animation speeds on iOS. I had a $200 Poco X3 android that had a 120Hz display and it felt and looked MUCH smoother than my iPhone 13 PM’s display. I’m almost tempted to just buy an S23U and use it as a secondary phone just for the smoothness


microfsxpilot t1_ja340rg wrote

They’re not the best, but they’re the best for me. They just work all the time.

I bought some Bose QC II earbuds which were the best sounding I’ve ever had. But they refused to connect half the time so I returned them. The Sony earbuds (XM4s) had a nice sound signature but I HATED the transparency mode on them.

I opted to just upgrade my APP 1st gens to 2nd gens. I’m much more happy. The Find My feature alone made it worth the upgrade since I always lose my buds


microfsxpilot t1_j7n4yiu wrote

Careful. Reddit is filled with FaceID fanboys that will defend it to the grave. I’ve gotten downvoted to hell for criticizing it.

I just wish Apple would give us both. I routinely wear a headset and sunglasses at work and faceid refuses to work. At night/morning time, my double chin is so prominent, faceid refuses to work. But my finger would work 95% of the time