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I'm not even referring to people commuting into DC, but rather the people who reside in DC and rely upon street parking for their vehicle storage. Give them an off-street parking option that takes away the need to hunt for an on-street spot that isn't $200/month and I think you'll find opposition to replacing their coveted parking spots with bike lanes dissipate.


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If we can take parked cars off the road, I'm for it. The fact of the matter is that long-term parking options in DC are so expensive that street parking has become a primary way people store their vehicles. It can be comically difficult to find street parking that isn't blocks away from the place where you actually live; if you take that away, what then? The best way to get everybody on board imo would be to ensure that there is a place for these vehicles in an off-street location that doesn't charge $200+ a month. Resident motorists don't have to search/hold coveted parking spots and have a dedicated place to store their vehicle and cyclists get their bike lanes in what used to be street parking spaces. I don't see how something like that wouldn't be a reasonable compromise.

All new residential constructions should have some space allocated for parking; it doesn't need to be on a 1:1 resident-parking spot ratio, but new houses should have at least one space for off-street parking and all new apartment/condo buildings should have underground lots.