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Banning nips is not the solution here. If you do, most of these kinds of people will simply get the next size up. People will just be more drunk and throwing bigger bottles on the ground. People litter all kinds of things, I don't know why nips in particular get so much attention. Littering is the real problem and banning nips won't solve it. And I say this as someone who's bought maybe one or two in my entire life for stocking stuffers.

Oh, and to avoid being misconstrued: fuck the people who litter. Just carry it to a trash can you pieces of shit.


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They have their purpose. Nips can make for fun little gifts, be put into piñatas, be snuck into the movies or other places that overcharge for alcohol, and more. Banning something instead of fixing it is rarely a good idea. Not to mention how many people will simply go to the next size up if nips are banned, meaning more alcohol use.


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I do wish we still lived in a time where you could kill any admitted, outspoken, and proven Nazi. Support of the ideology is in and of itself a death threat and anyone Nazis dislike would inherently be acting in self-defense. This isn't a "two-sides" issue. One is evil, the other is good.


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I'll tell you that some cops are good people who want to help others. Some are disgusting people on a power trip who want to take out their anger on others. The vast majority aren't bad people, they're just employees working for a paycheck. However, any cop who tried to defend the actions of these inhumane pieces of shit is a bad cop.

The system is bad and allows bad people to do bad things while encouraging good people to join them. The system often punishes those who speak out. Blaming all cops is like treating the symptom instead of the disease. It's not like you throw on a uniform and instantly start shooting black guys in the street. We need reform, we need community service and outreach, we need accountability from a 3rd party, and any good cop would absolutely agree.


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Oh for sure. I mean, right now the traffic stops the trucks anyway so it's not like they'd make things worse. Idk, thinking about the one on Cranston Street that leads to Atwood, I can't imagine how much worse it would be if that were a stoplight instead lol.


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All things with practice, but being scared and willing to learn is the right attitude! The only really scary thing is when someone is dumb enough to stop in the middle of the circle to let a car in. Outside if that, they're great for eliminating annoying traffic lights (especially if they doubled them up and put one on the highway ramp too).


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Not only is this article about the plan near Mulligan's and not the one near Sockanosset, but it literally confirms everything I said.... A bunch of idiots think it'll cause traffic, which it really wouldn't (especially if it had gone near Mulligan's) and the prison argument is so unfathomably stupid that I struggle to comprehend how someone managed to spit out those words without laughing. If putting a Costco next to your prison would compromise security, the problem isn't with the fucking store.

But I guess this was to show the meeting held were city council meetings? Which makes sense. I though from your original comment that it was like, neighborhoods getting together in smaller groups.


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As I understand it, they originally wanted to put it where Mulligan's Island is, but that got canned because a bunch of idiots were worried about the traffic, so they decided to move it near Garden City next to the Top Golf being built. Some people tried to raise a stink again, but I believe that project is approved and just a matter of time now.

Really though, it's just a bunch of people terrified of their 5 minute commute becoming a 6 minute commute. Not only would these stores likely have their own roads like many on Bald Hill, but they would be great for tax revenue in the city. It's just selfishness, short-sightedness, and a strong reluctance to change. If people really wanted to do away with the traffic at the bottom of the hill they'd petition for a roundabout like those on Apponaug, but nooooo those are too scary. -__-


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They really should allow that again. If people have to go to the liquor store itself they're more likely to stock up and have more alcohol around, but allowing grocery stores to sell it would mean they're more likely to just grab what they need.


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I live around the corner from there. When were these meetings held and how did people even hear about them? Because seriously, the traffic there isn't that bad. It's only annoying if (god forbid) your 5 minute commute becomes a 6 minute commute. Not to mention the Top Golf and Costco would have their own lots and wouldn't draw much more traffic than Garden City already does. Anyone complaining about this making their quality of life worse is an idiot.


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They don't though. Fascism and nationalism go hand in hand. Fascism and dictatorships go hand in hand. In a system with checks and balances (when they work properly), fascism shouldn't be a concern.

A fascist is someone who wants the government or dictator to have absolute power over the people. A socialist is someone who believe that tax money should be distributed from the bottom up. Fascism is equally likely to arise in a socialist or capitalist society.