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He had a business on the side and didn't seem to be making revenue from the business my brother was involved in. My brother was the only employee and he was the only one to actually make some money. So maybe it was like my brother delivered something to Damien?- But if that's the case, why would my brother need me to look after his place?


mikadomikaela OP t1_iycison wrote

Thank you. I think I have come to the conclusion that whatever "business" they were doing was shady. I also noticed that it seemed to come to an end around the time I started dating Damien? We have a box of things that he doesn't remember having and thinks he doesn't need anymore. I'll have a look through that and see what I find. I'll look around my brother's house too. But I do think he has lost his memory. Both of them. I asked the doctor if either of them could be faking it and they said they definitely had some memory loss based on where their injuries were. Apparently Damien was lucky to be alive considering he was holding on to me when the crash happened. So...I think as long as he remains the Damien I married, I'll stay by him