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The universe isn’t expanding into anything since it is everything. It’s the space in the universe that’s getting bigger. That doesn’t make intuitive sense because it not something that we experience at the size of things we interact with.


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A lot of the reason is because you expect it to. I’ve seen cases were people have done blind taste tests of both un-aged alcohol, like vodka, and aged alcohol, like wine, and people generally can’t tell the difference unless they are told one is more expensive. If they are told one is more expensive they tend to like that one whether it actually was more expensive or not.


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A country being in debt is not a problem in and off itself, there are plenty of posts on this sub that go into that, so I won’t here, but what is a problem for an economy is if faith is lost in the currency and printing that much money would certainly do that. Money doesn’t have any value in and off itself, it only has value because we believe it does and that its a stable way to trade value. If the county is willing to create huge amounts at will to pay debt that erodes that faith in stability.


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There can be as much as a second difference between GMT and UTC times, which is why we’ve been adding leap seconds ever few years to UTC. Starting in 2035, it’s been determined that we will stop adding leap seconds to UTC, so at that point UTC and GMT times will start to drift more, but still likely only by a few seconds. I don’t believe it’s been determined what we’ll do when the gap becomes greater.