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they make for great stock. The meat tastes very similar to blue crab, but the crabs are smaller so there's more effort in shelling them

taking off their legs and deep frying them is also very delicious. The shell becomes crispy and you can eat the whole thing

This channel did a great catch and cook green crab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa1VvkZzwhE


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Can't get a response from either the phone number or that email address for the past two months. Just called the New Bedford DMF office and they're sending me an application!


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Uber’s capex of 300 million last year results in a whopping $30-40m of annual depreciation assuming a 7-10 year average lifespan and straight line method

Is there any quarter in recent history in which Uber had positive operating income excluding depreciation? I think that would answer the question on whether capex/depreciation is the driver in keeping Uber’s net income negative


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no capex is not expensed on the income statement for SEC reporting purposes. It might be deducted from the income statement for IRS purposes if they elect bonus depreciation or section 179

The journal entries for capex goes:

Debit PP&E

Credit Cash (or accounts payable)

Nothing gets put on the income statement


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capex isn't expensed on the income statement for SEC reporting purposes, and even if they were, Uber only spent $300 million in capex last year vs a loss from operations of $1.8 billion

The only reason they realized a profit in Q4 2021 is because they sold off multiple businesses. They lost $550 million in Q4 2021 from operations


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For me, when I get a large soda from mcdonalds, it usually ends up sitting on my desk the whole afternoon while I take brief occasional sips. By the one hour mark, the paper straw is too soggy and so I have to take the lid off and drink without the straw. just a minor inconvenience imo that I don’t really care about

The biggest problem I have with paper straws though is it ends up giving whatever I’m drinking a tinge of cardboard flavor