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By another Chernobyl they mean catastrophic nuclear accident obviously. And they can still happen, we just haven't seen how yet, it's arrogant to think we've made a full proof system using for profit companies that can't ever go wrong. I lt can, and probably will some day, whether it is a tsunami, or a volcano, earthquake, war, meteorite, terrorist attack, it's possible and not worth it when there are wind turbines solar and batteries.


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Yes, I used to teach SCUBA in Thailand and we'd often get visited by passing whale sharks, we were really strict about leaving them alone and enjoying their presence. Anyone trying to touch them would have their mask ripped off and that usually makes them surface.

I was told their migration patterns are essential for breeding, mating, food and general health. I don't research it though, so hearsay.


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I don't disagree, it isn't as high on the scale as dolphinariums, but still bad, the migration patterns impact breeding and of course fishermen are not only fishing for themselves, village, shop/market but also a 19 tonne whale shark, they get diseased and get wounds from bumping into boats etc.

They heal remarkably well. And are considered under threat with about half the population of 75 years ago.