milkboxshow t1_ixgl9ms wrote

That’s… just wrong.

Journalists have an obligation to independently verify news before reporting on it. Sensitive news that can inflame hostilities and trigger World War 3 and millions of deaths is absolutely paramount you get it right.

The journalist was rightly fired for posting clumsy information from his doctor’s appointment and not being crystal clear that he was sharing a LEAD worth someone else following up on, and not STORY he had personally verified. His language to his editors was super confusing on this.

But the editors themselves did not verify anything, or even check his source. In their rush to post an exclusive they did not once stop to think about the impact of their actions. The entire news org should honestly be restructured and whomever was responsible for setting and overseeing editorial process and integrity should be dismissed.

This isn’t a fucking joke article on who Kim Kardashian is hooking up with.